NK Bank (License № 2755 ), is a full-service private commercial Bank, established in 1993 and registered by The Bank of Russia in 1994, organized as a joint stock company under the laws of the Russian Federation, focused on services for corporate business and private customers.

In spite of its business concentration in Moscow and Moscow region, the Bank using its more than 20 years long experience, serves a wide client base within the regions of Russia. We highly appreciate transparency and confidentiality, individual approach and loyalty in mutual relations with our customers and partners.

Clear-cut strategy, client-focused operational and robust business models allow to develop new tailor-made products for our customers using modern financial instruments and make our cooperation more effective and comfortable.


Licenses, permissions, membership and participation:



Business activities:

Bank demonstrates positive financial results, high current level of liquidity and capitalization, steady market positions and positive dynamics of the key financial ratios .

Moody’s current credit ratings: B3/NP with stable outlook; 

Moody's Counterparty Risk: B2(cr)/NP(cr), reflect a stable financial position and health of the Bank.

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